New Hampshire Rare Paper Money Dealer

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New Hampshire Rare Paper Money Dealer

Sell Rare Paper Money in New Hampshire

Buy Rare Paper Money in New Hampshire

Port City Coin and Jewelry, is a leading New Hampshire rare paper money dealer where you can buy and sell U.S. and foreign rare paper money currencies.

We are located at 599 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth NH.

We first opened on the seacoast in 2008 and have been dealing in a wide range of U.S. and foreign rare paper money currencies ever since.

Whether you are looking for U.S. large notes, gold or silver certificates, rare foreign currencies or looking for a fantastic unique gift, visit us and browse our ever changing rare paper money inventory.

Looking to sell your rare paper money currencies? We buy U.S. and foreign currencies from Seacoast residents.

The following are just some of the types of rare paper money we buy and sell:

U.S. Colonial Notes

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Old U.S. Notes

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Confederate Paper Money

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U.S. Silver and Gold Certificates

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We also deal in selected rare foreign paper money currencies.

European, South American and Asian Rare Foreign Currencies

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Please visit Port City Coin and Jewelry. We are conveniently located a 599 Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Please stop in or call 603-373-6185.

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