Dover NH Rare Coins for Sale

Dover nh buy rare coins

Selling Rare Coins to Dover, New Hampshire Residents.

Dover Residents Can Buy Rare Coins Locally at Port City Coin & Jewelry.

Rare and numismatic coins are our specialty at Port City Coin and Jewelry. We are a leading New Hampshire rare coin dealer, serving Dover residents, where you can buy U.S. and foreign numismatic coins.

We are located at 599 Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Rare Coins Are Our Specialty!

Port City Coin & Jewelry first opened on in 2008 and have been dealing in a wide range of U.S. and foreign rare coins ever since. Many coin dealers are merely gold and silver bullion sellers. Because we are skilled numismatists that deal in the buying and selling of rare coins on a daily basis, we understand the value of coins beyond their metallic value.

We deal in rare U.S. gold and silver coins. We also deal in selected foreign numismatics from Canadian, French, Australian, British, Chinese and other sovereign issued rare coins.

Whether you are casual coin collector looking to fill in or complete your Indian Head penny or Buffalo nickel collections or find key dated coins we can help. We also carry rare 19th or 20th century silver or gold coins or can source them upon request. Visit us and browse our ever changing inventory of rare coins.

We carry NGC and PCGS graded and slabbed coins.

Looking to sell your rare coins or numismatics? We buy U.S. and other rare and numismatic coins from Dover residents.

The following are just some of the types of coins we buy and sell: U.S. colonial coins,
liberty cap half cents, draped bust, classic head, braided hair, and flowing head half cents

Half Cents

New Hampshire Rare coin dealer

Large cents from from flowing hair cents, liberty cap, draped bust, classic head, liberty head,and matron head cents.

Small cents from flying eagle, Indian head and Lincoln pennies,

One Cent

Dover New Hampshire buy rare coins

two cent pieces,

Two Cent

Dover New Hampshire sell rare coins

silver and nickel three cent pieces,

Three Cent

Seacoast rare coin dealer

Shield nickels, Liberty head, Buffalo and Jefferson nickels,

Five Cent

seacoast buy rare coins

Flowing hair half dimes, draped bust, capped bust and liberty seated half dimes,

Half Dime

Seacoast sell rare coins

Draped bust dimes, capped bust, Liberty seated, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes,

Ten Cent

New Hampshire buy sell rare coins

Liberty seated twenty cent pieces,

Twenty Cent

Seacoast buy sell rare coins

Draped bust quarters, capped bust, Liberty seated, Barber, Standing Liberty and Washington quarters,

Twenty-Five Cent

Portsmouth Rare coin dealer

Flowing hair half dollars, Draped bust, capped bust,Liberty Seated,Barber, Liberty Walking, Franklin and Kennedy half dollars,

Fifty Cent

Portsmouth buy rare coins

Flowing hair silver dollars, Draped bust, Gobrecht , Liberty Seated, Trade, Morgan and Peace silver dollars,

One Dollar

Portsmouth sell rare coins

sell morgan dollars boston
We also buy and sell US gold coins ranging from


one dollar gold coins

One Dollar

Portsmouth buy sell rare coins

three dollar gold coins

Three Dollar

Portsmouth NH buy rare coins

all the way to twenty dollar, or “double eagle” gold coins.

Twenty Dollar

Portsmouth NH sell rare coins

Please visit Port City Coin and Jewelry. We are conveniently located a 599 Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Please stop in or call 603-373-6185.
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All rare coin photos copyright NGC

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