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Port City Coin & Jewelry offers a wide range of coin supplies for sale. We stock coin flips, airtite capsules, tubes, books, sleeves and boxes for proper storage of your coins and precious metals.

Storing Coins

Once you’ve made your coin, bar or bullion purchase, you will need to consider proper storage. Many of the numismatic and rare coins that we sell will come in sealed flips or NCG or PCGS slabs. We also sell mint sealed tubes of coins like American Silver Eagles or Canadian Silver Maple Leafs. The original packaging for these coins should be sufficient for your storage needs. However, other coins that we sell may be sold loose, or you may have coins at home that are not properly protected from dents, scratches and moisture. Improperly stored coins can lose their eye appeal or suffer a diminution of value.

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Graded coins like this American Silver Eagle will come in a protective sonically sealed “slab”

Types of Storage

We stock the following storage solutions for your coins, rounds and bars.

Airtite Capsules

We sell airtite capsules in a variety of sizes to fit whatever coin(s) you may wish to protect. Air tite capsules protect your coins from the moisture and from dents or scratches that may occur.

airtite coin capsules for sale boston

Airtite capsules are an excellent way to protect and display your coins.


We sell soft vinyl and non plastic flips. Flips are a cost effective way to store your coins. Unless they are heat sealed, however, they will not protect your coins from moisture, but will protect against nicks and scratches. There are advantages and disadvantages to vinyl and non plastic flips.

Vinyl Flips

Vinyl flips are a favorite among coin collectors because they are soft and malleable, making it easy to insert and remove coins. The downside of vinyl flips is the plastic material of which they are made can over time damage the coin. Vinyl flips are fine for short term storage, but consider non plastic flips for longer term storage.

coin flips for sale hampton nh

Non plastic flips

Non plastic flips provide safe long term storage for you coins.

coin flips for sale dover NH


Tubes are an ideal way to preserve larger amounts of coins, especially those that are all the same size, type and/or date. For example, dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars, silver eagles and silver rounds all can be safely stored in tubes. Plastic tubes can be sealed and provide excellent protection against moisture and surface nicks and scratches.

Coins and rounds placed in tubes may pick up nicks and scratches from other coins on the tube if they are not handled with care when inserting them into the tube. In addition, if the tube is not full, the coins may jangle against each other then the tube is moved. To prevent this, we sell foam slugs that you can place at the top of your coins in the tube to act as a cushion and to prevent the coins from moving in the tube.

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Pro Tip: When handling your coins and moving them to the storage medium of your choice, its best to use cotton gloves to avoid skin oils from your fingers smudging your coins.


Port City Coin & Jewelry also sell books with sleeves in which to store your coins. These books feature sets of coin mintages like Buffalo Nickels or Mercury Dimes, where you can store all your coins by type and date right on your bookshelf!

You can also build your coin and numismatic library at Port City Coin & Jewelry as we sell books to help you learn about coins, their history and values.

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We Buy, Sell and Trade

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  • Old and New Jewelry
  • Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Scrap Gold & Silver
  • Watches & Timepieces
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  • Bracelets & Earrings
  • Gold & Silver Coins

Visit Port City Coin & Jewelry

Visit Port City Coin & Jewelry to shop our selection of gold and silver bullion, diamonds, coins, jewelry, cameras and watches. Or call 603-373-6185 for availability and pricing of gold and silver coins, rounds and bars, cameras, gold watches and jewelry.

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Port City Coin & Jewelry is located at 599 Lafayette Rd (Route 1) | Portsmouth, NH (next to Bowl O Rama)
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