Port City Coin & Jewelry Bitcoin ATM

Portsmouth Bitcoin ATM located at 599 Lafayette Road in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Port City Coin & Jewelry’s Bitcoin ATM also dispenses Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Visit us to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin from our Bitcoin ATM.

Here is a video explaining how to use our Bitcoin ATM.


A. Port City Coin and Jewelry, located at 599 Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has a Bitcoin ATM on site that lets you buy Bitcoin and Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Buying crypto currencies is easy at our Bitcoin ATM. Here is a short walk through on how to buy cryptocurrencies from our ATM. You will need to bring your smart phone to purchase cryptocurrencies.

To start, touch the welcome screen

1. Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM 1

You will be offered a choice of Bitcoin or Litecoin. Select your crypto currency.

2. Select Your Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin or Litecoin

In our example, we selected Bitcoin.

3. Select Bitcoin

You will then be given the opportunity to confirm your choice. If you selected “Bitcoin” by mistake you can click “back”, if you wish to confirm click “buy”. We clicked “buy” to continue with out Bitcoin transaction.

4. Confirm your Choice .

Next, you will be asked to scan your QR Code.

5. Scan Your QR code

To retrieve your QR code, open your Bitcoin wallet from your smart phone and select “receive”.

6. Open your bitcoin wallet & click receive.

a QR code will appear – This is the address to which the Bitcoin ATM will send your Bitcoin

7. Your QR code/address

Face your QR code in front of the QR code reader on the Bitcoin A-T-M.

8. Put your QR code in front of the QR reader

Once the code is read, the ATM will prompt you to pay by lighting up the place to insert your bills.

9. Cash deposit prompt

Insert the amount of cash you wish to be converted into Bitcoin.

10. Insert cash

After your cash is inserted, the A-T-M will calculate the amount of Bitcoin to send to your address. It will then send your Bitcoin and provide an on screen confirmation.

11. Confirmation

The Bitcoin is now in your wallet!

Please visit Port City Coin and Jewelry to use our ATM and to browse our inventory of rare coins, jewelry, watches and gold and silver coins, rounds and bars.

We are conveniently located a 599 Lafayette Road, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Please stop in or call 603- 373- 6185.